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A woman who now makes £25,000 a month has opened up about her teenage bullying hell — and how classmates threatened to beat her up because of her looks.

Angelina Valdez, 32, originally from Queens, New York regularly shares images of her gym-built body to her 331,000 followers on Instagram (@its_angebaby) — but she wasn’t always this confident.

Throughout her high school years, the model was abused on a daily basis as people mercilessly attacked her for her appearance.

“I was bullied for a very long time — I’d get in physical fights every day,” Angelina, who now lives in…

A personal trainer who dedicates her life to giving women toned glutes has revealed how people can plump their posterior with the help of their pups.

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Heidy Espaillat, 31, from New York, works full-time as a certified personal trainer and nutritionist — specialising in how to build your behind — and has shared a home workout video using her eight-month-old puppy, Chester, as a weight.

The aim is to help people find innovative ways to get fit — and work on their butts — in lockdown.

“I have always been a big booty lover,” Heidy told Jam Press.

“To me…

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Marcela Iglesias, 43, who works as a model, owes her youthful look to £60,000 worth of cosmetic procedures, a gruelling fitness routine and an extravagant lifestyle.

Dubbed ‘Queen of Hollywood’ Marcela Ingelsias is known in LA for looking not only like Barbie herself, but younger than her own 19-year-old son.

Now she wants to reveal all her anti-ageing secrets to give you the same incredible youthful glow.

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Ever wanted to travel the world? Is your bank balance the reason you haven’t been able to yet?

Most of us save up all year to go abroad but Imogen Blow is travelling the globe for just 10 Euros (£8.88) a day — and she wants to show you how to do it too.

The frugal travel blogger has been to 65 cities in 10 months including Lisbon, Venice and Paris — which recently topped the world’s most expensive cities list (goals, right?).

Her drone and selfie stick go everywhere with her and Instagram feed shows the intrepid Australian diving…

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A 61-year-old grandmother claims fitness helped her get rid of her anxiety and has never had any health problems, owing her incredible health to her active lifestyle.

Lynda Jager, 61, from Ontario, Canada, was always a shy teenager growing up and had suffered from anxiety over the years.

At the age of 21-years-old, Lynda began exercising at the comfort of her home, saying she was too afraid to go to the gym on her own.

Over the years, she finally worked up the courage to go to the gym and soon developed a passion for weightlifting, taking part in several…

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Zack Ahmed now works with top brands such as Adidas, Guess and Sony

A social media expert who started life as a penniless orphan in east Africa has revealed his top tips for viral success.

I spoke to Zack Ahmed, 21, who moved to the UK in 2009 and has worked globally recognised campaigns with top brands like Adidas, Guess, Sony and celebs and athletes.

In just a few short years, the young man has racked up over 5 million subscribers on YouTube for his clients — and he spoke to me about how he’s done it and wants to share with you his trade secrets.

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Ben Nicholls is CEO and Editor-in-Chief of Jam Press, the UK’s fastest-growing news agency -

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